Theme: Tapping Indigenous Charity and Philanthropy for National Development

DATE: JUNE 23-24, 2016

The National Charity Forum (NCF) is an open forum for development professionals, public and private development inclined practitioners and third sector organizations. The forum will address how we can move the nation forward through indigenous charity and philanthropy. It will also showcase how different bodies are filling development gaps where government is short, and also assess the quantum of philanthropic impact.


We are faced with the consequences of economic uncertainty, high unemployment, disenfranchisement and disconnectedness, environmental damage and threat to sustainability on a range of levels. Worryingly there is also a growing disconnection between wealth and wellbeing. This is a concern in itself and it increases the suffering resulting from the above issues. Indigenous charity and philanthropy has the potential to move the country forward. The forum is also aimed at initiating a proactive drive to systematic documentation of the value of the third sector in our country’s development.

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