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About Us Oxford Research Group-Ghana

Oxford Research Group-GH is a leading research, monitoring & evaluation firm. We provide a comprehensive research to deliver the valued insight necessary for our clients to make the right and result oriented decisions.

Oxford Research Group (ORG) is well placed to carry out this assessment assignment. Majority of its key personnel have over 10 years' project management, assessment monitoring and evaluation experience in Ghana’s private, public and civil society/NGO sectors.

The firm has provided the third sector with high quality research, surveys, assessments, evaluation and advisory services in the areas of educational development, water and sanitation, health, security, gender and poverty reduction designs, social assessments, results based monitoring and evaluations.

Our goal has being to exceed expectations of our client every time we have the opportunity to work with them

Our Mission

At ORG, our vision is to achieve leadership in our field by providing results beyond expectation to our growing local, regional and international clients. We exemplify the meaning of quality research results that allows your company to understand and connect with the market environment. Providing quality without compromise..

Our Vision

It is our personal commitment to dedicate ourselves to achieving the results that you desire. We work around the clock until our clients are completely satisfied with their promised results. It is our mission to provide timely services coupled with acute client care to create a long-lasting relationship with you. We deliver on our promise to provide results that are essential to the success of your company..

Our Services


Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are complementary functions that help organizations learn about what works and what does not, adjust programs to meet planned objectives and account for the outcomes and results achieved. To be able to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of projects and to apply new knowledge and incorporate lessons learned, monitoring and evaluation is key...


ORG's market report delivers insight across a wide range of crucial factors such as market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecasts. You can have these timely and insightful market reports at your fingertips literally in minutes. Our proven interviewing and data collection techniques open access to vital, yet hard-to-find, market insights. Through our detailed primary and secondary research and analysis, we create unmatched data accuracy and insights...


Our team uses in-depth interviews (IDIs) to understand the underlying emotional drivers that influence decision making. We tailor the interview settings one-on-one, as well as groups of two or three respondents to suit your research objectives. IDIs are an effective way to conduct thorough interviews that explore what drives consumers or constituents to prefer one option over another...


Tracking studies is periodic testing that lets us monitor key business data, such as effectiveness of marketing activities, market share, strength or awareness of brand, satisfaction, service perception, and even internal variables such as employee satisfaction. The limitations of tracking studies is only the limits of your imagination however even on that front we are ready to provide consultation on how to most effectively make this powerful form of research work for your business...


Uncover your current service standards and move to improve your service and operations through Mystery Audit, a powerful and effective research method where data is collected by field researchers examining your business while posing as potential customers. With Mystery Audit, get the insight you need in order to ensure customer service level is as intended by your business...


If you are looking for Market Research services, it is clear you already have a keen awareness of the value of information in business. Whether it is tracking the strength and awareness of your brand, uncovering customer behavior or demands, predicting market response to new products, or following the broader changes and trends in the market, information is key...

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